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Get one new gluten-free
bread recipe per month
for one year’s worth
of inspiration.


The Gluten-Free Bread Club is a 12-recipe collection of breads released one per month for 12 months.

It’s an ongoing little present of inspiration. Each recipe, a mini course full of gluten-free baking techniques. It’s an opportunity to slow down, focus on something fun, and try something new.

The Gluten-Free Bread Club also includes all Good Food Cooking School content. That means you’ll gain immediate access to all of the courses, meal plans, and recipes—everything available now and added in the future.

Gluten-Free Bread Club also includes beyond-the-recipe support like tips and helpful know how. If you’re looking to learn more about gluten-free bread baking and techniques, we strongly recommend taking Gluten-Free Bread Basics first. If you’re simply looking for more recipes to practice with, each one in Gluten-Free Bread Club is designed to make everyone at the table happy whether they’re gluten-free or gluten-full. Good bread is good bread—you don’t need to “label” our recipes.

Scones, bagels, swirly loaves, skillet breads, and much more are coming your way. Each recipe is a happy surprise!



  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    12 plant-based, gluten-free bread recipes added to your collection dashboard once per month for 12 months.

    Step-by-step videos with recipes so you can see ideal textures and learn from various techniques.

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    Beyond-the-recipe support to help you successfully practice common GF baking techniques

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    One recipe becomes many with our recipe-specific tips and tricks. Each comes with step-by-step videos, substitution ideas, storage tips, and more to ensure your success.

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    Get everyday and special occasion bread recipes like scones, bagels, swirl loaves, skillet breads, and more.

    Add loads of variety to your gluten-free recipe collection.

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    In addition to the Gluten-Free Bread Club, you’ll gain immediate access to all Good Food Cooking School baking and cooking courses, meal plans, and recipes.

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    A measurement converter is with each recipe for quantity adjustments so you can upsize or downsize a recipe when needed.

    Get tips for measuring by weight and volume with each recipe.

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    Organize your GFCS recipes by creating custom recipe collections (ie: “Holiday Breads” or “Breakfast & Brunch”).

  • What’s included with Gluten-Free Bread Club?

    Search the robust Ingredient and Recipe Indexes by type, season, dish type, color, and more.

    Members get newsletter tips, inspiration, and even more (bread and non-bread) recipes added to their member recipe index. Always plant-based and gluten-free.

How does the Gluten-Free Bread Club work?

Gluten-Free Bread Club is one of many offerings on Good Food Cooking School.

Sign up and access all GFCS content now and in the future. 

For this club:

  • All recipes will populate your GFCS Recipe Index and GF Bread Club dashboard as they become available once per month (we’ll send you an email too so you don’t miss it).
  • We encourage you to try one recipe per month.
  • Each recipe is a surprise, they are not pre-determined.
  • Each recipe includes easy-to-follow videos and steps, storage tips, prep tips, a measurement converter, and ingredient substitutions.
  • Access your recipes anytime/anywhere from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Take the Club Tour and get a free Gluten-Free Flours Guide. Sign up and learn about some of the flours we use (plus how to substitute and store them) and also check out the course recipes, syllabus, start date, FAQs, and more.

Get the GF Flour Guide

The Gluten-Free Bread Club includes:

Gluten-Free Bread Club also includes all courses, recipes, and meal plans on Good Food Cooking School

Beyond-the-Menu Support to help you master the bread recipes

12 gluten-free, plant-based bread recipes for special occasions and every day released one per month for 12 months

Tips and substitution ideas to make each recipe your own

Step-by-step videos to help you master each recipe

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Who should join the Gluten-Free Bread Club?


Gluten-Free Bread Club is for you if:

  • You’ve taken the Gluten-Free Bread Basics course and you want more gluten-free bread recipes
  • You’re already very familiar with gluten-free bread baking techniques and you want more recipes to try

You’re one of the two options listed above AND:

  • You want access to all Good Food Cooking School content now, and in the future.
  • You want creative new recipe ideas for gluten-free breads that taste better than what you can find at the store.
  • You want to or have to bake gluten-free for someone else
  • You want to surprise and impress the gluten-free and gluten-full people in your life.
  • You want a fun monthly project to take on solo or with the kids.
  • You like trying something new, consistently but without overwhelm, and once per month is doable.
  • You want a collection of various bread recipes for special occasions and every day.
  • You want to get in on GFCS membership with a bite-sized portion (not ready for a full course yet).

Gluten-Free Bread Club is NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for a course experience with modules, videos, assignments, and a schedule.
  • You want instant gratification—these recipes are released one per month over the course of 12 months.
  • You have an allergy to psyllium husk.
  • You don’t like surprises—the recipes we release are not pre-determined.
  • You have allergies to gluten-free ingredients.



Ingredients & Tools:

  • A standing mixer is helpful for mixing certain recipes (yeasted breads), but all recipes can be mixed by hand with some extra effort—we’ll provide loads of tips for success.
  • We do everything possible to create recipes that can be made with standard kitchen tools.
  • We highly recommend one of these (the floppy/bendy kind, not the firm kind).
  • A scale is ideal (and recommended) for accurate measurements and successful bakes, but we do provide measurements by volume and tips for achieving the most accuracy using cups with each recipe.
  • This club is about fun and creativity with gluten-free bread baking—we will use a wide variety of gluten-free flours (buckwheat, brown rice, white rice, sweet rice, oat, teff, sorghum, corn, quinoa, millet, amaranth), store-bought gluten-free flour mixes (like Bob’s 1:1), starches (arrowroot, tapioca, potato), and binders (psyllium husk and flaxseed).
  • We always provide ingredient substitutions when possible, and we make special effort to do so when gluten-free ingredients can be a particular allergen, but if you have many food sensitivities, this may not be the club for you.
  • All ingredients will be gluten-free, plant-based, soy-free, egg-free, dairy-free.

Who created
Bread Club?

All courses and recipes are created by Heather Crosby, founder of Good Food Cooking School and author of the books YumUniverse and YumUniverse Pantry to Plate.

Her work has been featured by, O, Oprah Magazine, Reader’s Digest, HGTV, NPR, and HuffPost, among others.

She’s dedicated to developing cooking and baking courses and recipes that change lives. Whether you’re looking to improve your health or know-how about cooking, her recipes and resources help you build the skills and confidence to get cooking and baking the way you’ve always wanted to.

Her focus is always about sharing the possibilities for plant-based, gluten-free recipes for all eaters, whether you love burgers or broccoli.


About Good Food Cooking School.

  • 100% plant-based, gluten-free recipes
  • 6 comprehensive cooking + baking courses
  • 7-day meal plan(s) with shopping list and prep tools
  • 24+ hours of on-demand video learning you can access anywhere
  • 4 recipe bundle collections (holidays, dressings, ice cream, breads)
  • 250+ exclusive veggie-based recipes designed for all eaters to love
  • Step-by-step videos + photos with recipes so you can confidently prepare
  • Ingredient substitutions + variation ideas with each recipe (one recipe becomes many with our ideas and your adjustments)
  • Customizable shopping lists + recipe collections to easily prep/plan
  • Confidently + creatively learn to cook/bake more healthy foods, every day
  • Robust courses and members-only recipes added regularly

Good Food Cooking School is a judgment-free zone. We teach you how to cook and bake more plant-based and gluten-free meals, not because they’re trendy, but because they’re versatile, delicious, and they make eating more fun for all.

Our healthier recipes, courses, and supportive platform help you make meals and treats that you’ll feel confident sharing with all eaters. We share tips and substitution ideas with our recipes so you can easily customize them to fit the diet that’s working for you today (and tomorrow).

When you’re cooking or baking for yourself or a pack of picky eaters, we’ll outfit you with the recipes, tools, and skills you need to feel confident making something that everyone will love.

We’ll help you make food so good,
you don’t need to “label” it.


We meet you
where you are.

We don’t use labels like “vegan” or “keto” around here because we aren’t interested in being the food police. We’d rather spend our time cooking, baking, and sharing.

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