Customer Happiness Manager

Pay: $15–$20, depending on experience
Hours: variable (5–15hrs per week), 3 mos start
Start Date: ASAP
Location: remote contract work


Job Description

The Customer Happiness Manager is expected to oversee and provide consistent, outstanding customer service for Good Food Cooking School and work collaboratively when necessary with developers and the company’s founder. The role requires an understanding and implementation of our mission, values, and ideal team member qualities with every interaction. 

The Customer Happiness Manager can help determine the best methods for revenue retention and customer loyalty—the job is to help customers purchase products, troubleshoot problems, and receive refunds or solutions for defective purchases. The Customer Happiness Manager will be responsible for comprehensively learning about new and existing products and services to best assist customers with questions or concerns, and to help the team address future business challenges. We are fortunate to have a global community—being mindful and professional in language is essential. 

The Customer Happiness Manager is also expected to be proactive, self-sufficient, and impeccably detail oriented. They should contribute support and solutions across multiple customer service channels like email and Facebook groups. The role is multifaceted and demanding, and there exists the potential for growth for the right candidate.



Email Customer Service (5–10 hours per week)

  • Answer emails daily Monday–Friday 
  • Listen to customers’ concerns and handle complaints, computer issues, refunds
  • Give detailed explanations of services or products
  • Work with team to create better methods to address customer complaints
  • Review customer accounts and transactions while resolving issues
  • Communicate with customers through email and on social media
  • Review orders and adjust details of payments
  • Monitor customer satisfaction levels
  • Provide solutions within 24–48 hours (during business days) to customers—doing everything possible to solve problems with one email, minimizing back-and-forth correspondence 
  • Provide kind, positive, can-do-attitude problem solving every time, no matter how challenging the issue or how unpleasant the customer is
  • Respond to all non-customer-related emails that are relevant to our business, organize as necessary for Founder
  • When you cannot solve the problem, create a concise list of what needs to be addressed to present to the Founder or development team for insight/problem solving
  • Refer customers to Founder or development team when necessary
  • Document and organize customer interactions, issues, and solutions for future team reference
  • Write email and copy responses that align with the brand voice and marketing strategy in an effort to support lead generation, conversion, and customer retention. Our relationship with our potential and existing members is crucial to our business—we want to nurture our relationship with them and exceed expectations whenever possible

Please note the importance of the qualities listed here for team members, and practice them at all times

  • At every opportunity, display extreme attention to detail and precision when corresponding with potential or existing members/customers/partners—anyone corresponding with GFCS (triple check everything before you hit send)
  • Decipher nefarious emails from legitimate ones and do due diligence to protect customers at every turn when providing solutions to problems and sharing customer info to solve a problem
  • This is one of the most important aspects of our business and we must exceed expectations of our customers

Facebook Administrator (1 hour max per week)

  • Serve as an administrator for the existing Facebook Groups for our courses
  • Provide answers to questions posted in the group
  • Provide support and enthusiasm for posts in the group
  • Monitor and delete posts that violate Our Terms—follow up via email with violators about what happened and why. Answer their Qs/concerns via email
  • If you do not know an answer to a question posted in the group, search the group for answers that have been already posted. If still no answer, create a concise list of what needs to be addressed to present to the Founder for insight/problem solving

Organize/Develop Overall FAQs Spreadsheet (TBD)

  • Create and organize a master internal-use FAQs spreadsheet from previous emails and internal documents for future team reference and future helpdesk build
  • Collect and organize FAQs from the Facebook Groups (Bread course, Cookies course, Good Food Cooking Basics course) to include in the master internal-use doc

Organize Gmail (TBD)

  • Optimize our gmail organization—set up filtering of messages to appropriate folders
  • Provide suggestions for ideal organization


Qualifications & Skills


  • All qualities listed here
  • 1 year experience in customer service
  • Applicable references
  • Excellent communication abilities, including written, and verbal communication
  • Patience, empathy, and professionalism
  • Excellent problem-solving and decision-making capabilities
  • Basic computer skills, including data entry, website navigation, and other software
  • Effective time-management, prioritization, and multitasking skills
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Ability to work remotely but in a team mindset in practice
  • In-depth understanding of the company’s products or services


  • 2–5 years experience in customer service
  • Zendesk or Front management experience
  • Zendesk or Front set-up experience 
  • Live in the DC/VA/MD area and are willing to travel for occasional training/meetings/workdays

Must be proficient in:
Excel or Google Spreadsheets
Gmail/Google docs


About GFCS
Good Food Cooking School is the home of the
Good Food Cooking Basics course, Gluten-Free Bread Basics course, and Gluten-Free Classic Cookies course, among other cooking and baking offerings. Our school is 100% online with a small remote team that extends across the US. The core mission of our work is to help people to feel confident cooking and baking more good food, every day. We do this mainly through our courses and ongoing membership offerings. We’re a small team of two, working primarily with trusted, reliable contractors when needed. More about who we are, what we look for in a team member, and what a team member can expect from us.


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