Buttery Crackers

This is a go-to buttery, classic salted cracker recipe to pair with any of our Dairy-Free Cheeses. They’re also great for snacking and dipping into Soups & Stews of all kinds.

Toasted Almond Nice Crispy Treats

Super tasty, easy, nostalgic treats slightly elevated with a touch of toasted almond. Take this recipe to the next level of delicious and make your own Cultured Dairy-Free Butter!

Graham Crackers

This slightly sweet little cracker with caramel notes is perfect on its own, dipped into a hot tea, or crumbled into a crust for Ricotta Cheesecake.  

Orange Blossom Granola

Anyone who grew up eating boxed, processed cereal remembers how fruity and delicious the milk tasted when you got to the bottom of your bowl. Well, bottoms up! This nutritious granola has the same nostalgic taste without the artificial dyes and flavorings. It doubles as a tasty snack that travels well, too. If you can’t […]

Sourdough Starter Discard Crisps

These crisps are a great way to use up sourdough starter discard. Enjoy them for snacking on as is, or for adding crunch to salads and soups, or for dipping into all sorts of sauces, hummus, and dips.

Seeded Crackers

These crackers add flavorful crunch to salads and are tasty dipped into soups and stews. This is a versatile recipe you can change up many ways with various spices, nuts, seeds, even aromatics, and dried fruit.

Toasted PB&J Amazeballs

Is there anything more comforting and nostalgic than a toasted PB&J sandwich? We get all the toasty, sweet, nutty, salty flavors into travel-friendly, bite-sized poppers that you can take on the go. Batch cook them for future snacks!  

On-the-Go Salads

This is a recipe template you can use to make the most of what you have, or what you want depending on your food mood. Prepare a few on-the-go salads and seal them in an airtight container (like a large canning jar) in the fridge for quick meals you can take to work or enjoy […]