Build-Your-Own Pizza-Style Zucchini

A delicious, fun, easy, and super-customizable meal for everyone at the table. Be sure to read the Toppings accordion below to select your toppings and to see what you can prepare in advance. There are some fun suggestions in there—one of our favorite combos is Easy S&P Lentils with Italian Sausage Seasoning, Easiest Pizza Sauce […]

Crispy Salt & Pepper Lentils

This is an unusual but delicious way to prepare lentils if you want to add “meatiness” to a meal or Tomato Sauce. By using the Maillard reaction to caramelize the exterior of the lentils, you bring out their best flavors like inherent notes of black pepper and umami. Think beyond soups and stews when it […]

Spicy Candied Peanuts

A crunchy, roasted, spicy, and sweet addition to add texture and flavor to rice and noodle bowls and salads of all kinds.

Easy Fruit Salad

The simplest fruit salad can be used for all sorts of meals and toppings. Try it with Chia Pudding and/or Granola. Serve some with ice cream. Add some to a kale salad with toasted nuts.

Oat Sourdough

A go-to sourdough recipe that will delight everyone at the table. Nuanced sourdough flavor that’s delicious as toast, stuffing, croutons, grilled cheese, French toast, and more.

Summer Corn Sourdough

You’ll try the cold fermentation technique with this loaf to develop delicious sourdough flavor over time. This loaf is delicious spread with butter and a drizzle of honey—it’s perfect for toast with jam, for croutons, and for plunging into soups or hearty stews.

Cultured Plant-Based Butter

A delicious cultured plant-based butter that tastes and melts like dairy butter. Read through this entire recipe a few times (including all accordions) before you begin. There are multiple variations for this recipe that you can experiment with—be sure to try this butter to make your own puff pastry!


Perfect for dipping into olive oil, plunging into pesto, or scooping up the last of the tomato sauce from a plate of pasta, these breadsticks are delicious solo or accompanying almost any meal.

New-York Style Bagels

Learn bagel making techniques like shaping and poaching with this tasty recipe for gluten-free New-York style bagels. Use a variety of toppings, or not, and have some fun. If you ever want a no-boil bagel recipe, try this one.

Salted Chocolate Chunk Scones

These scones hit all the right notes: bittersweet chocolate, crumbly texture, and a hint of bright orange flavor and smell (that intensifies each day). Try them with and without the optional Icing to see what you prefer sweetness wise. They’re the right amount of “sweet” without icing and a bonafide dessert with icing. The orange […]