Mega Seeded Loaf

This tall gluten-free loaf is loaded with flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pepitas, and sesame seeds. Try it toasted with homemade cultured butter and be sure to see our baking tips for variations you can try to ramp up the “toasted seed” flavor if you like. This recipe calls for a Pullman Loaf Pan (9½” long, […]

Crispy Gingersnap Cookies

These cookies are the crispy, snappy cousin to our chewy Ginger Molasses cookies—also makes a great base for gingerbread houses. We have lots of variations in this recipe for crunchy sugar or not, and a bit more chewiness or not. See all the variations, tips, and video to make them your own!

Tomato & Red Pepper Bisque

The good olive oil, homemade yogurt, pesto (try this one out of carrot tops), basil chiffonade, and extra large sourdough croutons. Add some toasted pine nuts if you have some on hand and Crispy Shallots are also a great topping for this one. The more toppings, the more this bisque moves in to the main […]

Orange & Vanilla Bean Custard Cream

This is a dairy-free version of a crème anglaise, with bright orange zest and fresh, aromatic vanilla bean. Enjoy it in a pourable consistency or chill it for a frosting. Be sure to try it on our delicious Gingerbread. Make this recipe extra special and culture your own dairy-free butter.

[Mini Course] Gingerbread

Find multiple full-length videos below with Heather Crosby, and learn how to bake a triple-ginger flavored Gingerbread three ways: in a bundt pan, in a sheet-style pan, and in a muffin tin. This bread is perfect as-is, spread with Homemade Cultured Butter, or served with Orange & Vanilla Bean Custard Cream.

[Mini Course] Sprouted Buckwheat Loaf

Practice sprouting buckwheat groats and making a gluten-free loaf! You’ll find three full-length videos below with Heather Crosby for Day One, Day Two, and Day Three. You’ll also find step-by-step videos below that so you have all the support for a successful bake. This bread has rustic texture and distinct nutty buckwheat flavor—it makes a […]

Pumpkin Bread

This bread recipe is comforting and delicious as-is or topped with Homemade Cultured Butter. Have some fun and fold in ingredients like dried fruits and tiny chopped chocolate bits or chips.

Toasted Almond Nice Crispy Treats

Super tasty, easy, nostalgic treats slightly elevated with a touch of toasted almond. Take this recipe to the next level of delicious and make your own Cultured Dairy-Free Butter!

Aged Parmesan

This is an umami-rich dairy-free cheese that’s aged for two months (at least). You’ll be able to shred it like parmesan over dishes of all kinds. Be sure to watch the main video and read the entire recipe, plus all information and links within each accordion, to prepare yourself for success. It’s important that you […]

Blue Swirl Cheese

Nothing brings “blue cheese” flavor like inoculating a culture with Penicillium Roqueforti (the mold that makes blue cheese what it is), but that process has to take place in a very controlled temperature and setting for success. This recipe is for a less intimidating, mold-free cheese with the trademark swirls and strong flavors that funky […]