Easy Mango Sorbet

The easiest treat around made simply with diced and frozen mango, honey, and a squeeze of lime. The texture is velvety, creamy, and so smooth you’ll come back to it over and over.

Pomegranate Granita

This tart, slushy, icy, and slightly sweet frozen treat is made simply with pomegranate juice and honey. Use leftover juice from Confetti Kale Salad’s pomegranate vinaigrette for this one.

Easy Vanilla Soft Serve [No Churn]

The easiest way to make some Vanilla Soft Serve without an ice cream maker—grab an ice cube tray and kitchen hack your way to a delicious, easy treat.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream [coconut-milk free]

Canned coconut milk is our favorite base for making dairy-free ice cream due to its full texture and neutral vanilla flavor. This recipe is our creamy coconut-free base for anyone looking for an alternative. It contains more ingredients to create a similar rich, smooth, and crave-worthy texture. It has more caramel notes and is darker […]

Hot Fudge Sauce

The perfect decadent topping for scoops and sundaes of ice cream, pies, and cakes. Eating it by the spoonful is alright with us, too.

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

This creamy dark chocolate ice cream is amazing on its own, but also shines when served with sweet sauces of all kinds. We recommend some over a warm Classic Brownie. Try also folding in some Peanut Butter “Magic Shell” before freezing, too. Our secret ingredients for deep, dark, chocolate flavor in this recipe? Cacao butter […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

This is a classic Mint Chip Ice Cream made by chopping a Dark Chocolate Bar very finely until we get shavings—they are so delicate and delicious in the final result. If you’re a big chocolate chunk lover, by all means chop that bar as you like!

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream [honey sweetened]

This recipe can be enjoyed solo, or used as a base for myriad flavors. It’s a lightly honey sweetened version of our sweeter, more conventional cane-sugar Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This vanilla-bean base is bright white to provide higher visual contrast with colorful fold ins that are complimented by a mild honey flavor. You can […]

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream [sugar-free]

This recipe is a sugar-free version of our honey sweetened Vanilla Bean Ice Cream—we make this one with monkfruit sweetener. It can be enjoyed solo, or used as a base for myriad flavors. Its bright white color provides high visual contrast with colorful fold ins like cake, sprinkles, cookie dough, and strawberries.  

Orange Ice Cream

The nostalgic combination of juicy orange with creamy vanilla—of the flavors your favorite childhood popsicle as ice cream!