Prep Your Kitchen

A Sacred Space Frequent good food cooking starts by making the kitchen one of the most inviting rooms in the home. Outfit it with the simple tools needed to create nourishing meals. It should be a sanctuary—a source of power, creativity, and confidence every time you walk into it. Keep this space clean, clutter-free, and […]

Where to Store Foods in the Fridge

In general, the bottom of the fridge is the coldest and the top is the warmest (heat rises). The door has temperature fluctuations with all the opening and closing, and the interior and back of the fridge is the coldest and most consistent in temperature. THE FRIDGE DOOR: • Warmest part of the fridge • […]

A Clean Workspace

There are a few key practices that make good food cooking fun, safe, and enjoyable: Mise en place and keeping your workspace clean (before, during, and after you work). Simply put, a clean workspace is a safe workspace. A clean workspace is a stress-free workspace. And a clean workspace is a thoughtful workspace. Before you […]

Good Food Cooking Zen

It can be a time of calm. A time to step out of the busy-ness of the day. A time to say “goodbye” to stress. A time for YOU to focus on love and care and simple things. See, when you’re cooking, you’re working on relationships—with yourself, with others, and with the ingredients that make […]