Cucumber & Radish Salad

A delicious, versatile salad full of flavor and crunch. Enjoy it as-is, serve some over cooked brown rice, add more/other herbs like basil and cilantro, and/or add other crunchy veggies like sliced cabbage, corn, red onion, or bok choy. Use this recipe as a springboard for your imagination.

Fennel, Arugula & Apple Salad

A light, herbaceous, and refreshing salad that’s delicious as a main and also as a side dish or starter for a heavy holiday meal.

Quick-Seared Green Beans

A favorite way to enjoy green beans year round, this quick preparation is best whipped up right before serving so save the best for last if you’re entertaining or cooking for a group.

Sweet Potato Fries

These addicting fries are perfect as a side, a snack, and even the base for a main meal (see our Variation ideas). We show you our basic steps for making them simply, but take what you’ve learned about spices, herbs, and flavor combining to change them up and make them your own with each batch! […]

On-the-Go Salads

This is a recipe template you can use to make the most of what you have, or what you want depending on your food mood. Prepare a few on-the-go salads and seal them in an airtight container (like a large canning jar) in the fridge for quick meals you can take to work or enjoy […]

On-the-Go Oats

This is a recipe template you can use to make the most of what you have, or what you want depending on your food mood. Make a few jars of this cereal mix sealed in airtight glass containers (canning jars work great), and store in a cool, dry place like the pantry or fridge. Take […]

Overnight Oats

Make it and forget it, until breakfast time comes and you’re so happy that you took care of your “future self” the night before. Take overnight oats to work, enjoy them on a roadtrip, or prepare for easy at-home breakfast. Just add milk, stir, and let it all become magic overnight. Make Overnight Oats part […]

Strawberry & Sprouts Salad

A fast summer salad packed with fresh, colorful ingredients. Prep and store your salad in a large jar up to 3 days in advance to grab and go!

Quick Pickles

Basically: vinegar + salt + sweet + fridge time = quick pickles. They’re a brine-y, sour, sweet, crispy, easy-to-make treat that adds dimension and brightness to many dishes. This is a simple starter recipe without all of the traditional pickling steps like boiling jars. Customize with various vegetables (even fruits), myriad flavor combinations, and the […]

The “Spice Cabinet” Bowl

This is a Recipe Template with loads of options you can choose from. Use our suggestions as a springboard for various combinations. Simply choose one seasoning blend from your spice cabinet, add some cooked pulses, veggies, and herbs for an eat-the-rainbow-style meal you’ll return to again and again. This template is designed for you to […]