Buttermilk Drop Biscuits (Three Ways)

Drop biscuits are easy, no-fuss bundles of flaky deliciousness just perfect for melted butter and jam, or for plunging into soups, chilis, and stews. Find various flour blends and variations that you can try in the accordions below! Make them your own.

Orange Blossom Granola

Anyone who grew up eating boxed, processed cereal remembers how fruity and delicious the milk tasted when you got to the bottom of your bowl. Well, bottoms up! This nutritious granola has the same nostalgic taste without the artificial dyes and flavorings. It doubles as a tasty snack that travels well, too. If you can’t […]

Roasted Broccoli

Get all the kids at the table (young and old) to eat their broccoli with this simple recipe. The roasting method caramelizes the broccoli and brings out delicious flavor in the best way.  

Orange Vinaigrette

A simple vinaigrette that’s delicious sprinkled over roasted vegetables, or tossed in a Fiesta Kale Salad.

Summer Corn Sourdough

You’ll try the cold fermentation technique with this loaf to develop delicious sourdough flavor over time. This loaf is delicious spread with butter and a drizzle of honey—it’s perfect for toast with jam, for croutons, and for plunging into soups or hearty stews.

Cultured Plant-Based Butter

A delicious cultured plant-based butter that tastes and melts like dairy butter. Read through this entire recipe a few times (including all accordions) before you begin. There are multiple variations for this recipe that you can experiment with—be sure to try this butter to make your own puff pastry!

Fermented Mustard

Probiotic-rich unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and honey act as starter cultures for this recipe. This mustard is a staple for vinaigrettes, but use this creation to also marinate veggies for roasting or sautéing. Try it as a dip for veggie fries and crudités, toss with cooked grains, rice, or noodles, and use it to season […]

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Homemade vanilla extract is super easy to make. You simply need some 80-proof (or higher) neutral spirit like vodka or everclear, vanilla bean pods, and lots of passive time. It makes a great gift for the holidays or special occasions (so plan ahead) and one batch will keep your personal stores stocked up for years!

Fermented Veggie Pickles

This recipe is a fermented creation inspired by Mexican escabeche pickles—escabeche is a name used around the world for numerous dishes marinaded or prepared with acidic ingredients (meat and veggies).


Perfect for dipping into olive oil, plunging into pesto, or scooping up the last of the tomato sauce from a plate of pasta, these breadsticks are delicious solo or accompanying almost any meal.