Seared Mushrooms

Use these meaty, flavorful mushrooms to fill tacos topped with homemade pickles. Or, layer them into a Lasagna or fold into a pasta dish. They’re delicious in a rice bowl, on toast with an egg, on pizza, or added to any salad or dish where you want some deep umami flavor.


One of the best ways to take care of yourself throughout a busy week is to make sure you have crudités (basically chopped, raw veggies) prepped and chilling in the fridge. When you want a snack or a plant-powered lunch, grab some hummus, pesto, or any dip you like and eat the rainbow. Also, it […]

Cultured Plant-Based Butter

A delicious cultured plant-based butter that tastes and melts like dairy butter. Read through this entire recipe a few times (including all accordions) before you begin. There are multiple variations for this recipe that you can experiment with—be sure to try this butter to make your own puff pastry!

Sriracha Mac

This is a slightly tweaked recipe from our founder Heather Crosby’s cookbook Pantry to Plate. It’s decadent and spicy with unexpected hints of Asian flavors that will make it a favorite for the meal-time menu rotation.

Gluten-Free Classic Puff Pastry (Bob’s)

This is our favorite method for making flaky, delicious puff pastry: the classic way with a “butter packet.” This recipe uses a store-bought white flour blend that already has xanthan gum in the mix to replace the stretch of gluten. See all tips and substitutions to adjust for your needs before you begin.

Gluten-Free Rough Puff Pastry (Bob’s)

Instead of working a butter packet into the dough like we do with Classic Puff Pastry, with rough puff, we freeze and grate the butter before incorporating it into the dough.

Gluten-Free Classic Puff Pastry (DIY Flour Blend)

This is our very favorite method for making flaky, delicious puff pastry: the classic way with a “butter packet” and a dough created with our homemade flour blend, which bakes up puffy and full of flakes.

Gluten-Free White Flour Blend

This is our homemade white flour blend perfect for light and flaky puff pastry or white loaves of bread. If a recipe calls for a store-bought blend like Bob’s 1:1, this is a blend you can make at home to replace it.

Chocolate Ganache

Use this rich, dark chocolate ganache to frost cookies or cakes. You can sprinkle with toasted nuts after you do for extra flair and crunch, or use this ganache to fill cookies for decadent sandwich cookies.