Orange-Sesame Sauce

This sweet and tangy sauce can be used for multiple meals like a Seared Veggie & Rice Bowl. It can be chilled and used to dress salads and you can simply drizzle over sautéed or roasted veggies. Make it up to a week in advance and keep it in the fridge for pantry-to-plate cooking all […]

Easiest Pizza Sauce

This is a go-to sauce for wood-fired pizzas (try this dough) or even Pizza- Style Zucchini. See the Variations accordion below to change up the flavor profile, but don’t underestimate the delicious power of simplicity. You really only need two ingredients for a delicious pizza sauce: tomatoes and sea salt!

Crispy Salt & Pepper Lentils

This is an unusual but delicious way to prepare lentils if you want to add “meatiness” to a meal or Tomato Sauce. By using the Maillard reaction to caramelize the exterior of the lentils, you bring out their best flavors like inherent notes of black pepper and umami. Think beyond soups and stews when it […]

Mixed Berry Syrup

A simple berry syrup that’s perfect served with pancakes, rice pudding, ice cream, or drizzled over a cake before frosting it.

Spicy Candied Peanuts

A crunchy, roasted, spicy, and sweet addition to add texture and flavor to rice and noodle bowls and salads of all kinds.

Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce

This is a satisfying, easy, and extremely versatile sauce that you can enjoy as-is or use as a base for countless recipes from Enchiladas to Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. It makes a great dip or cheese alternative, and it thickens soups and stews with satisfying creaminess.

Easy Fruit Salad

The simplest fruit salad can be used for all sorts of meals and toppings. Try it with Chia Pudding and/or Granola. Serve some with ice cream. Add some to a kale salad with toasted nuts.

Summer Salsa

The freshness of summer is in every bite of this colorful salsa. Enjoy it with chips, sprinkle over a Black Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes or Enchiladas, or add it to wraps or Tacos.

Classic Fermented Hot Sauce [Red & Green]

This recipe walks you through the steps to lacto-ferment both red and green hot sauce—see Accordions below for green. Also see the Substitutions and Variations for many ideas to customize delicious, complex hot sauce creations of all kinds. Upsize or downsize certain ingredients to change the flavor profile—you do not have to be exact in […]

Fermented Ketchup

You’ll add a combination of probiotic-rich ingredients (sauerkraut brine, aminos, honey, and apple cider vinegar) to act as starter cultures for this recipe. They will kickstart the fermentation process for a delicious homemade ketchup like no other. The flavor is incredible as is, but do try the recommendations in the Variation and Substitution accordions to […]