Fermented Peppers

A mix of mild and spicy, this easy and vibrantly-colored recipe is perfect for tacos, salads, and for flavoring our dairy-free Pepper Jack cheese.  

Pine Nut Parmesan Crumbles

Nutty parmesan flavor without the aging time required for a wheel of grateable Parmesan-style cheese. This recipe also doubles as “cracker crisps” that you can snack on, or serve alongside soups and salads.


Velvety, creamy, and slightly sweet, this dairy-free mascarpone recipe can be used in various sweet and savory recipes that call for it like Tiramisu, casseroles, dips, sauces, and a topping for cake. You’ll blanch the almonds for this recipe for light color—it’s kinda fun and an oddly satisfying process!


This is a recipe for small mozzarella balls aka bocconcini marinated in a salted brine. You can have a lot of fun with this recipe, including marinating them in a flavorful oil instead. They’re a fun and delicious treat to keep in the fridge for multiple meals and snacks—no one will know they’re dairy-free either. […]

Classic Fondue

Gooey, decadent fondue, just perfect for dipping with Crispy Potatoes, Crudités, Baguette, apples, blanched broccolini and/or cauliflower, sausage, cherry tomatoes, and/or Sourdough.  

Veggie Cheese Sauce

A decadent, creamy, and cheesy sauce made with veggies. It’s perfect for pairing with noodles, adding to pizza, pouring over roasted vege (and rice!), or layering into a lasagna or casserole. The trick is in the technique—boiling to enhance starch-releasing, thickening properties in the cashews and potatoes. Baking and cooking this sauce helps it thicken […]

Raspberry Coulis

Our favorite sauce for homemade Ricotta Cheesecake, this simple, slightly tart and sweet sauce is delicious with ice cream, parfaits, cake, puddings, and pancakes.

Ramp & Olive Oil Cubes

If you’re lucky, and are/or know a forager, in eastern North America, Europe, and Northern Asia, you can find a special spring treat: ramps! They taste like a cross between sweet onion, leek, and garlic and you can eat every bit of it. Make pickles, add them to wood-fired pizza, and toss them in oil […]

Seared Mushrooms

Use these meaty, flavorful mushrooms to fill tacos topped with homemade pickles. Or, layer them into a Lasagna or fold into a pasta dish. They’re delicious in a rice bowl, on toast with an egg, on pizza, or added to any salad or dish where you want some deep umami flavor.

Italian-Style Tomato Sauce

This is a sofritto-based sauce for homemade pasta dishes, pizza, or a comforting lasagna. The hints of celery and carrot in the sauce add delicious depth of flavor and mild sweetness.