Fermented Green Strawberries

One of the most surprisingly delicious ferments you’ll ever make is one with under-ripe strawberries. Their firmness holds up well to hungry probiotics during the lacto-fermentation process, and combined with a simple brine, some herbs, and orange zest, they yield a nuanced flavor like no other.

Lilac Syrup

Have you ever smelled lilac blooms and they’re so intoxicating you want to actually eat them? Well, you can. Enjoy this syrup on everything from cake, to ice cream, to cocktails and mocktails.

Easy Croutons

The easiest croutons for adding crunch to salads and soups—season simply with salt and or pepper, or dust with smoked paprika, garlic powder, or any seasoning you like once they’re toasted.

Hot Fudge Sauce

The perfect decadent topping for scoops and sundaes of ice cream, pies, and cakes. Eating it by the spoonful is alright with us, too.

Peanut Butter “Magic Shell”

A nostalgic, delicious topping for ice cream cones, simple scoops, and sundaes—designed to pour on and delight in as is hardens into a tasty shell. It’s perfectly peanut-y, salty, and sweet to compliment myriad flavors like Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Swirl, Dark Chocolate, and Cookie Dough ice creams.

Strawberry Sauce

This simple, fruity, and sweet sauce is delicious with ice cream, parfaits, cake, puddings, and pancakes.

Herby Carrot Top Pesto

This is a slightly sweet, carrot-flavored twist on our Easy Pesto, and one of our favorite condiments to keep on hand. Use it to make wraps, to season rice and roasted veggies, and to add color and oomph to crudités or crackers. Whisk some together with a little vinegar and oil for a salad vinaigrette. […]

Salted Caramel

Use this salty, buttery, oooey, gooey caramel to take cookies to the next level by filling them for decadent sandwich cookies, or dipping before each bite. Aso great in combination for ice cream cookie sundaes.

Chocolate Ganache

Use this rich, dark chocolate ganache to frost cookies or cakes. You can sprinkle with toasted nuts after you do for extra flair and crunch, or use this ganache to fill cookies for decadent sandwich cookies.

Sourdough Starter Discard Crisps

These crisps are a great way to use up sourdough starter discard. Enjoy them for snacking on as is, or for adding crunch to salads and soups, or for dipping into all sorts of sauces, hummus, and dips.