Ramp & Olive Oil Cubes

If you’re lucky, and are/or know a forager, in eastern North America, Europe, and Northern Asia, you can find a special spring treat: ramps! They taste like a cross between sweet onion, leek, and garlic and you can eat every bit of it. Make pickles, add them to wood-fired pizza, and toss them in oil […]

Cultured Plant-Based Butter

A delicious cultured plant-based butter that tastes and melts like dairy butter. Read through this entire recipe a few times (including all accordions) before you begin. There are multiple variations for this recipe that you can experiment with—be sure to try this butter to make your own puff pastry!

Fermented Mustard

Probiotic-rich unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and honey act as starter cultures for this recipe. This mustard is a staple for vinaigrettes, but use this creation to also marinate veggies for roasting or sautéing. Try it as a dip for veggie fries and crudités, toss with cooked grains, rice, or noodles, and use it to season […]

Classic Fermented Hot Sauce [Red & Green]

This recipe walks you through the steps to lacto-ferment both red and green hot sauce—see Accordions below for green. Also see the Substitutions and Variations for many ideas to customize delicious, complex hot sauce creations of all kinds. Upsize or downsize certain ingredients to change the flavor profile—you do not have to be exact in […]

Fermented Ketchup

You’ll add a combination of probiotic-rich ingredients (sauerkraut brine, aminos, honey, and apple cider vinegar) to act as starter cultures for this recipe. They will kickstart the fermentation process for a delicious homemade ketchup like no other. The flavor is incredible as is, but do try the recommendations in the Variation and Substitution accordions to […]