Vanilla-Almond Milk

A staple for warm and cold cereals, smoothies, and granola, this recipe combines rich, creamy almonds, vanilla, and natural sweetness.

Everything Good Smoothie

This smoothie has a little bit of all the good stuff. It makes a lot of smoothie that you can store in the fridge for grab-and-go. This recipe fills a 64-oz blender bucket, see the Good Food Tips accordion for tips to downsize if necessary.

Fermented Cherry-Berry Soda

As with most ferments, this recipe takes some passive time but in as little as 3 days, the reward is a naturally effervescent beverage full of flavor and probiotics that you can enjoy solo, or in combination with other beverages.

Fermented Ginger Beer

There are many steps for this recipe—it takes some passive time, but the rewards are great. You’ll first make an active culture of probiotics called a “ginger bug” over the course of 1–8 days. Then, you’ll make a ginger “tea” and inoculate that tea with the ginger bug. In 1–8 days, you’ll have a naturally […]

Fire Cider

A popular folk-remedy, Fire Cider aka “Fire Tonic,” is an elixir that is known to kindle the inner fire, break up congestion, stimulate digestion, and get the circulatory system flowing. This formula uses culinary herbs and simple kitchen ingredients for a simple and effective tonic. Honey adds sweetness, probiotics, and acts as a natural preservative.

“Stay Gold” Holiday Mocktail (or Cocktail)

Fun beverages, whether boozy or not, make the holidays special. This is one of our favorite mocktails that can be easily made into a cocktail with a simple addition of your favorite dark spirit—we recommend something smoky. See all of the tips to make it your own.

Ginger Elderberry Syrup

Support your immune system with this easy, homemade, great-tasting syrup. It can be made with a few simple ingredients, or with all of the “optional” suggestions listed below (which we highly recommend).