One of the best ways to take care of yourself throughout a busy week is to make sure you have crudités (basically chopped, raw veggies) prepped and chilling in the fridge. When you want a snack or a plant-powered lunch, grab some hummus, pesto, or any dip you like and eat the rainbow. Also, it […]

Build-Your-Own Pizza-Style Zucchini

A delicious, fun, easy, and super-customizable meal for everyone at the table. Be sure to read the Toppings accordion below to select your toppings and to see what you can prepare in advance. There are some fun suggestions in there—one of our favorite combos is Easy S&P Lentils with Italian Sausage Seasoning, Easiest Pizza Sauce […]

Spicy Fermented Veggies

This “recipe” is a spicy fermentation combination inspired by traditional Korean kimchi—seasoning, ingredients, and techniques. It’s an entry point into a wide world of incredibly nuanced flavor, culture, and tradition that we encourage you to look into further.

Fermented Veggie Pickles

This recipe is a fermented creation inspired by Mexican escabeche pickles—escabeche is a name used around the world for numerous dishes marinaded or prepared with acidic ingredients (meat and veggies).


A simple, rewarding, and incredibly delicious combination of lacto-fermented cabbage, caraway seeds, and juniper berries. Use this recipe as a template for a variety of vegetable, herb, and spice combinations.

Fermented Green Strawberries

One of the most surprisingly delicious ferments you’ll ever make is one with under-ripe strawberries. Their firmness holds up well to hungry probiotics during the lacto-fermentation process, and combined with a simple brine, some herbs, and orange zest, they yield a nuanced flavor like no other.

Sliceable Cashew Cheese

This recipe uses a seaweed called “agar agar” as a gelatin alternative to create a simple and sliceable cheese—customize to make a variety of flavors with the tips provided.

Creamy Quinoa & Kale Salad

This is a classic recipe—one of the first our GFCS founder ever shared online a bazillion internet years ago (2009). A version of it also made it into her first book YumUniverse. This updated recipe includes new variations, techniques, and tips with all the same great flavor that has made it a fan favorite for […]

Ethiopian Injera

This is our version of the Ethiopian biologically leavened flatbread, Injera, that has a slightly spongey texture and mild sour flavor. It’s made out of nutty teff flour, which comes from one of the world’s smallest grains. In traditional Ethiopian cooking, Injera is used instead of utensils to scoop up delicious stew creations—do research traditional […]

Chickpea Flatbread

Let’s make a super-easy chickpea flatbread and get to know more about the versatility of the humble chickpea (also known as a garbanzo bean, and in flour form, besan or gram).