01 Puff Pastry Overview

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What you’ll learn

Let’s dive into the basics of gluten-free puff pastry as well as an overview of techniques that will be applied to the recipes in this course.

The objectives for this module:

  • Learn basic techniques for successful puff pastry creation
  • Master puff pastry hacks and tricks
  • Practice making a sweet filling perfect for puff pastry

Lessons & Recaps

Required: watch and complete the recaps for each lesson.

1: What is Puff Pastry

A general overview of puff pastry.

00:10 What is “pastry”? What is “puff” pastry?
00:50 Fats
01:17 Lamination
02:32 Lamination/Turns
03:08 Examples of laminated doughs
04:10 Ingredients and why
04:58 Set yourself up for success

2: Gluten-Free Puff Pastry Techniques

Learn the basic techniques and tips for creating a laminated pastry dough that’s flaky and delicious once baked.


00:15 Lamination

00:50 Conventional puff pastry versus GF puff pastry

01:48 Importance of chilling

02:44 Tips for keeping puff pastry dough cold

04:00 Basic steps for making classic puff pastry

04:44 First step: make a dough

06:25 Make a “butter packet”

08:05 Incorporate butter packet into dough

10:32 Laminate the dough by making turns

12:01 A few more tips

Practice Recipe


You will start creating puff pastry in the next module. For this module, you can practice making a sweet puff pastry filling. Remember to always read the entire recipe, all the tips, and watch the step-by-step videos before preparing that recipe so you know what to expect. Make sure that you have the right ingredients on hand and the tools you need to make it all effortless and fun. Document your discoveries and preferences in your baking journal.


Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

This is homemade sweet spread that can be used to fill puff pastry in a variety of shapes or to top pancakes, toast, and waffles.


Recommended: read all articles

Helpful and inspiring know how and support for gluten-free puff pastry making.

Extra Learning & Cheat Sheets

Ensure that your bakes and creations go to plan every time with this extra know how and support. Gain an understanding of potential variables and substitutions, get troubleshooting ideas, a general shopping list to get started, tips for caring for your baking vessels, creative inspiration, and much more. Reference these articles as you bake your way through this course.



Shopping: Appliances & Tools

This is a convenient listing of basic tools called for in this course as well as some “nice to have but not necessary” items that make baking easier and more fun. Read more about each and how we use them here.

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Extra Recipe

Here’s the homemade flour blend we love for gluten-free puff pastry.