02 Holiday Meal Plan

What you’ll learn

This plan will help you prepare a comforting and delicious plant-based, gluten-free meal using many recipes from the Holiday Recipe Bundle and a few from our other courses.

This meal plan will help you prepare components of, or an entire plant-based, gluten-free meal that all eaters will love. Choose to make it all, or only what you need.

The objectives for this meal plan:

  • To help you prep recipes in advance so the day of the holiday meal is stress-free
  • Read all of the accordions with each recipe for tips to improvise and customize
  • Have fun and do what you can—one meal cooked from scratch for a holiday celebration is better than none

What’s on the Menu?

1: Take a look at the delicious holiday menu

One delicious main that can be prepared many ways, loads of side dishes, some breads, a compound butter, and a variety of delicious desserts that all eaters will love. Make everything, or pick and choose what works for you.

Recipes & Tips for the Week

  1. Read through all of the recipes and tips below in advance so you know what to expect, what you want to skip, and what you want to add.
  2. Download the printable PDF menu and prep list if you like.
  3. Download the shopping list of required ingredients for all recipes. If you need to substitute any ingredients see the Substitution accordion for that recipe and make some notes.
  4. Check out the “Helpful Tips & Tricks” accordion to learn new techniques and tricks for making the most of your purchases this week.



MAIN: Pot Pie(s)

Prepare this recipe exactly as called for or add more veggies and cooked lentils to the mix (see the Variations accordion on this recipe page). To save time, you can also adjust the recipe—prepare the filling and crusts days in advance. Day of, simply place a puff pastry crust, oat crust, or brown rice crust on top of a filled baking vessel before baking. You can bake one full-sized pie or individual servings in 5–6” ramekins.

SIDES: Classic Stuffing

You can make your own breads for this recipe, or use store-bought bread. If you’d like to make your own, we like a mix of our Oat Sourdough and the White Baguette. We also like to change this recipe up sometimes and use dried cranberries instead of raisins.

SIDES: Quick-Seared Green Beans

If the diners at your table (or you) prefer other veggies, you can make this exact recipe using broccolini and/or kale instead of, or in addition to, the green beans.

SIDES: Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Be sure to read all of tips included with this recipe (read the accordions!) for perfect, fluffy mashed potatoes.

SIDES: Miso Gravy

This is a fun base recipe to play with. You can add more herbs to taste like sage and rosemary. You can also add seared mushrooms and more creaminess with ¼ cup full-fat coconut milk or Cashew Cream Sauce.

SIDES: Orange & Ginger Cranberry Sauce

Our favorite way to lighten up a rich holiday meal. Add any leftovers to a breakfast toast, yogurt parfait, to top a cheesecake, or as a side when you serve the ice cream and desserts. The tart, bright flavor is a great counter flavor to decadent treats.

BREADS: Rosemary & Cheddar Cornbread

You can make this recipe with or without herbs and cheese—just don’t skip the butter and honey!

BREADS: White Baguette

So delicious smeared with our Red Pepper & Honey Butter. If you prefer a more multi-grain baguette, try our Buckwheat Baguette.

BUTTER: Red Pepper & Honey Butter

You can use store-bought dairy-free butter or go the extra mile and make your own Homemade Cultured Butter.

DESSERTS: Butterscotch

Drizzle this decadent sauce over all of the desserts, especially the ice cream.

DESSERTS: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

There are loads of options for this ice cream whether you prefer a sugar free version or one without coconut milk. Find one that suits you here.

DESSERTS: Apple Galette

This galette can be made with a variety of crusts—the one called for is our go-to with the apple, but try a Puff Pastry Crust or Brown Rice Crust for a change up. You can also make this recipe with pears instead!


This pie can also be made with a variety of crusts—the one called for is a less traditional twist, but go for a classic combo with a Brown Rice Crust or Oat Crust. You can also make this recipe with puréed butternut squash or sweet potato instead!

More Holiday Prep & Entertaining Tips

Heather’s Tips for Creating a Tablescape

Texture, lighting, plant life, and a story—here are some tips for creating a warm and inviting tablescape that sets the mood for a delicious feast.

Holiday Recipe Bundle

This plan uses many recipes from our favorite holiday recipe collection. Check it out for more ideas and recipes.