03 Firm Non-Cultured Cheeses

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What you’ll learn

Learn some new techniques and use special ingredients to set firm, non-cultured cheese that you can slice, grate, and melt!

The objectives for this module:

  • Become acquainted with agar agar and how it can be used to set a firm dairy-free cheese
  • Learn how to combine buttery, nutty ingredients to replicate parmesan crumbles
  • Master new techniques to grate, slice, and use these new classic recipes

Overview & Recap

Required: read this section, all sections in the recipe, and complete the module recap.

1: Firm Non-Cultured Cheeses Overview

Be sure to read and watch all lessons and articles we provide in this module before you practice preparing any recipes.

In this module, you’ll make firm, non-cultured cheeses. Try all of the variations we provide, extra recipes if time allows, and then document your findings and preferences in a cheesemaking journal. As always, we’ll provide loads of tips in each recipe so you can experiment.

2: Firm Non-Cultured Cheeses Recap

This Lesson Recap will be your personal input of progress (photo and written). Grab your cheesemaking journal, prepare one of the Practice Recipes, then complete this recap.

You must complete the recap to complete the module and eventually the course.

Practice Recipes


Remember to always read the entire recipe, all the tips and articles within the accordions, and watch the step-by-step videos before preparing a recipe so you know what to expect. Make sure that you have the right ingredients on hand and the tools you need to make it all effortless and fun. Document your discoveries and preferences in your fermentation journal.


Classic Cheese Wheel

Pine Nut Parmesan Crumbles

Lessons & Articles

Required: read all articles here, they are your lessons.

Helpful and inspiring know how and support for successful and creative dairy-free cheesemaking.

Lessons & Articles

Ensure that your creations are successful every time with this know how and support. Gain an understanding of potential variables and substitutions, get troubleshooting ideas, a general shopping list to get started, creative inspiration, and much more. Reference these articles throughout this entire course.


Extra Recipes

Recommended: practice your cheesemaking skills by making these extra recipes.

Recommended Reads

The Pantry to Plate Cookbook

Good Food Cooking School founder Heather Crosby’s cookbook full of recipe templates that include dairy-free cheeses.

Get extra dairy-free cheese recipes and learn more about gluten-free, plant-based cooking with Good Food Cooking School founder Heather Crosby’s first cookbook.

Shopping: Tools

This is a convenient listing of basic tools called for in this course as well as some “nice to have but not necessary” items that make cheesemaking easier and more fun. For the why-we-use-it behind each tool, go here.

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