02 Classic Puff Pastry

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What you’ll learn

Let’s practice making a classic puff pastry where dough is folded over a “butter packet,” then laminated using letter or book folding technique.

The objectives for this module:

  • Practice the basic techniques for making puff pastry the classic way
  • Learn to make a “butter packet” to laminate dough
  • Try out different folding methods to laminate the dough
  • Bake up a batch of gluten-free classic puff pastry

Lessons & Recaps

Required: watch and complete the recaps for each lesson.

1: Classic Puff Pastry Overview

Instead of watching video lessons for this module like you did in the previous module, you’ll be putting your know-how and baking skills into practice from this module forward. Reference all of the tips and articles we provide here and from Module 1 to support your learning.

You’ll now practice making a Classic Puff Pastry dough using store-bought flour blend AND/OR a homemade flour blend. Try both and see what you prefer. We get the best results when we use this classic “butter packet” method with a homemade flour blend. Try all of the variations we provide and document your findings and preferences in your baking journal.

As always, we’ll provide loads of tips so you can experiment.

2: Classic Puff Pastry Recap

Your Lesson Recap will be your personal input of progress (photo and written). Grab your baking journal, prepare one of the Practice Recipes, then complete this recap.

You must complete the recap to complete the module and eventually the course.

Practice Recipe

Required: choose and prepare one recipe

Remember to always read the entire recipe, all the tips, and watch the step-by-step videos before preparing that recipe so you know what to expect. Make sure that you have the right ingredients on hand and the tools you need to make it all effortless and fun. Document your discoveries and preferences in your baking journal.

Gluten-Free Classic Puff Pastry (DIY Flour Blend)

This is our most favorite combination for making puff pastry—our flour blend plus classic “butter packet” technique yields the puffiest, flakiest pastry.

Gluten-Free Classic Puff Pastry (Bob’s)

If you don’t want to make your own flour blend (even though we recommend it), we find that Bob’s 1:1 Flour Blend or something similar works great. Be sure to read all substitution suggestions with the recipe if you choose a different blend than Bob’s for some tips.


Recommended: read all articles

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Extra Learning & Cheat Sheets

Ensure that your bakes go to plan every time with this extra know how and support. Gain an understanding of potential variables and substitutions, get troubleshooting ideas, a general shopping list to get started, tips for caring for your baking vessels, creative inspiration, and much more. Reference these articles as you bake your way through this entire course.



Extra Recipe

Here’s the homemade flour blend we love for gluten-free puff pastry.